Passion of Fire & Ice.
What do you think of when you hear the name Iceland? Bubbling volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, waterfalls and icy glaciers? You're absolutely right. The Icelandic flag, with the colors blue, red and white symbolizes the mountains, fire and snow.
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ÍS KNAPAR - for riders with a feeling for nature & freedom.

ÍS KNAPAR is your Icelandic horse brand that captures the breathtaking landscape and uniqueness of the island and brings it to us. The gentle resilience of the horses is as inspiring as the rugged nature and the interplay of the elements. All of this is reflected in our products.

To achieve this, we gladly rely on equipment that has already been functionally tested in equestrian sports. At the same time, we constantly explore new paths with innovative ideas. In any case, the unique character of ÍS KNAPAR is expressed through our specially designed equipment, tailored to the Icelandic horse rider and their horse. We gladly incorporate elemental decorations, as they demonstrate the originality of the Icelandic horse and its origins, as well as establishing a strong connection to nature.

ÍS KNAPAR is animal-friendly, perfectly adapted equipment for horses, and comfortable, modern, stylish, and high-quality clothing for the rider. It is unmistakably innovative in color, shape, and design, embodying the spirit of our beloved Icelandic horses’ homeland.

Nature and naturalness are our creed. Sustainability is a top priority at ÍS KNAPAR, and this is reflected in our branded products for horse and rider. We strive to use environmentally friendly, sustainable materials and plastic-free packaging whenever possible.

ÍS KNAPAR. It represents pure nature, the power of the elements of Iceland, and the love for these unique horses. The products are innovative, extravagant – yet always functional. ÍS KNAPAR is meant to bring joy to young and young-at-heart riders and horses alike. The brand has a very special individual spirit that is evident at first glance and immediately felt. ÍS KNAPAR is a matter of the heart. We live the brand with a great love for design and quality down to the smallest detail.

ÍS KNAPAR is the expression of our shared love for horses.
ÍS KNAPAR – for horses of fire and ice and their nature-loving owners.

1% for the Planet.
We don’t just talk – we do.