ÍS KNAPAR – the Family business.

ÍS KNAPAR – the Family business.

Welcome to the world of Icelandic horse riding! If you’re in search of high-quality riding equipment, fashion, and accessories for your Icelandic horse, you’ve come to the right place at our family business, ÍS KNAPAR. This company was founded by us, Amelie and Tina, and specializes in meeting the needs of Icelandic horses and their riders.

For many years, we have been deeply involved with Icelandic horses and have developed a great passion for this special breed. Through further education, riding lessons, and various riding certifications, we have expanded our experience and knowledge about Icelandic horses over the past years. Through these studies and close collaboration with trainers and experts, we have developed and curated a range of high-quality products that are known for their functionality, quality, and aesthetics.

As passionate entrepreneurs, we place great value on personal consultation and are happy to assist our customers with advice and support. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional in Icelandic horse riding, you’ll find the right equipment for you and your horse here.

All products are carefully selected and tested for quality to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. We have the support of many knowledgeable riders in our circle of acquaintances as well as our cooperation partners who regularly assist us in checking and conducting suitability tests for new products.

Let our passion and love for Icelandic horse riding inspire you and explore the wide range of riding equipment, fashion, and accessories for Icelandic horses.

Amelie Pätzold

born. 2002.
Founding member of ÍS KNAPAR.

Amelie has been riding since early childhood and began with vaulting. However, she always wanted to ride her aunt’s horse, Krümi, so it was clear that she would learn to ride “properly.” After various stints at several riding schools and experiences with her aunt Eva’s and mother Tina’s own horses, it eventually led to Amelie falling in love with her riding partner Icelandic horse, “Noi.” When Noi was put up for sale, it was clear that only they could be the buyers. So Noi, the Icelandic horse, became part of the family, captured everyone’s hearts, and laid the foundation for the establishment of ÍS KNAPAR.

For Amelie, everything revolved around Icelandic horses, and together with Tina, they quickly realized that there was a lack of stylish equipment, clothing, and accessories for Icelandic horse enthusiasts. That’s when the idea of developing their own Icelandic horse brand and offering a self-designed collection for Icelandic horses and riders came about. Together, they embarked on managing the start-up company and developing and implementing various Ís Knapar products. The first products were created and immediately gained great interest. Word quickly spread within the community, and with success, the product portfolio grew.

From the beginning, Amelie focused on online marketing and social media. She utilized her good command of English to communicate with customers from all over the world and occasionally acted as a model for clothing and accessories. After successfully completing her high school diploma, she decided to move to the island. She spent several weeks on an authentic Icelandic farm, experiencing Icelandic people and horses in their true essence. Following her Icelandic adventure, she also tested Icelandic horses in the United States, and in September 2023, she will begin her dual studies in the field of e-commerce and marketing. Amelie will, of course, remain an entrepreneur with heart and soul at ÍS KNAPAR.

Tina Pätzold

Mother of Amelie.
Founding member of ÍS KNAPAR .

Tina is the “heart” of ÍS KNAPAR and co-manages the family business with her daughter. Tina has always been involved in horse riding, but it has been only in recent years that she has been riding Icelandic horses. Previously, she had experience with Thoroughbred Arabians and later found her equestrian home in the Western leisure scene, all while learning the basics of classical English riding in her childhood. She brings this diversity of experiences and interesting influences into the development of the ÍS KNAPAR product portfolio, searching for the best solution for both horse and rider, and then adapting it perfectly to the needs and desires of Icelandic horse riders.

She is also the creative mind behind the brand and is always bursting with new ideas. This sometimes results in colorful, vibrant, and expressive designs, which contribute to the unique character of the products, the “ÍS KNAPAR look and feel.” Throughout the development process, Tina always prioritizes the highest quality with a focus on sustainability. She consults with colleagues, trainers at her home stable, and cooperation partners during these developments.

In addition to product development, Tina is responsible for product photography, shaping the ÍS KNAPAR brand image, and customer communication. You may also find her at various trade show booths, where she gladly provides advice on how to best use ÍS KNAPAR products or why black is not a color, at least not without an additional touch of color.

Tina is the “woman for everything” at ÍS KNAPAR, a dedicated entrepreneur with a passion and a big heart for Icelandic horses and their owners.